About Us

Company Registration: 2011/034628/23

Tholangkhutso Trading Projects 586 is a 100% black owned community-based enterprise established in 2011. It is owned by Frans Marakalala who is representing the highly dedicated and enthusiastic generation of previously disadvantaged men who are prepared to contribute to the mainstream economy.  Coupled with vast industry experience, he has basic qualifications and skills in invasive alien plant control and maintenance including herbicide applicator and first aid. 

The name “Tholangkhutso” means get rest in sepedi. But how can anyone get rest without a well looked after environment. Such things as shade and green grass are one of the key component towards us truly getting rest. Hence getting rest and therefore looking after our environment go hand in hand before our eyes.

We also have our own highly dedicated team allowing us to properly control the plants that are useful for our environment as well as those that are harmful and need to be removed or cleared.. In addition we collect scares plants for research purposes, as well as other decorative products.

From being one of the reliable garden businesses to have been established in Town, we have grown into a business with a reputation we can be proud of, built up as a result of the knowledge we have accrued over the years of understudy with other Alien Plant Control service providers. The top class service and quality of work we provide is reflected in our customer feedback.  

Our benchmark is to take the entire market by storm with our high quality solution for the invasive alien species and plants. With the correct and deep understanding of the market, we have been successful in growing into a sustainable entity within a short period of time. Our solution is rooted in the bottom-up approach derived from the diverse cultures observed in our communities. We are mastering the structural challenges of resources and access by operating in the originally brutally volatile market and proud to be equal players.

Tholangkhutso Trading Projects 586 have well established infrastructure and capacity to execute any project with precision while complying with all the relevant regulations. Our dedicated team is adequately skilled and receives in-service training from time to time to ensure sustained excellence and satisfaction.

Our team:

The company currently employs 11 full time and 9 temporary employees during projects. We have a team of young, dynamic and dedicated people who form an integral part of the company’s success. Our staff is comprised of 60% women, 40% youth and we always strive for 2% disabled persons. We recruit our staff from indigent

Contact Person:

Mr. Frans Marakalala


Cell: 082 766 9937



Postal address:

21 Rustemburg Rd


Mogale City

Business Support

The company is the beneficiary in the Gauteng Enterprise Propeller’s SMME Support. We received the most essential equipment and material through the Community Fund and Business Development Support Programmes. We are already utilizing them to our advantage by undertaking multiple projects and employing more people. We also acquired critical business management skills in Basic Sales and Marketing and bookkeeping and Accounting. The skills are going to help us to deliver an excellent service to our clients and further grow our company. We are proud to be supported by GEP.

Tholangkhutso Trading Projects 586 in the field:


“Silence is the tool to combat plants”


To deliver professional environment management services


To work as much land as given

Our Core Values:

  • Extrovert
  • Speed
  • Open-Minded
  • Discipline

Our core services:

  • Destruction and control of invasive Alien Plants and Species.
  • Gardening and related services
  • Tree Felling

Our projects:


  • Tenders for the Working for Water Programme – (Department of Environmental Affairs).


  • We completed a number of garden development projects in the community and doing ongoing maintenance.

The Environmental challenge we all face:

The business addressed the urgent challenge to manage alien plans and related water consumption and blocking of rivers.

  • Invasive alien species are plants, animals and microbes that are introduced into countries, and then out-compete the indigenous species.
  • Invasive alien plants (IAPs) pose a direct threat not only to South Africa’s biological diversity, but also to water security, the ecological functioning of natural systems and the productive use of land. They intensify the impact of fires and floods and increase soil erosion. IAPs can divert enormous amounts of water from more productive uses and invasive aquatic plants, such as the water hyacinth, effect agriculture, fisheries, transport, recreation and water supply.
  • Of the estimated 9000 plants introduced to this country, 198 are currently classified as being invasive. It is estimated that these plants cover about 10% of the country and the problem is growing at an exponential rate.
  • The fight against invasive alien plants is spearheaded by the Working for Water (WfW) programme, launched in 1995 and administered through the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry. This programme works in partnership with local communities, to whom it provides jobs, and also with Government departments including the Departments of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Agriculture, and Trade and Industry, provincial departments of agriculture, conservation and environment, research foundations and private companies.


  • Working for Water Programme Gauteng Province

Project Manager: Mr. R Moyo

Contact: 012 392 1400