Ready resources for your environmental alien plant problems.

Since the launch of the Work for Water environment management programme (WfW) in 1995, the programme has cleared more than 1-million hectares of invasive alien plants, all the while providing jobs and training to thousands of people from the most marginalised sectors of society. Of these, 52% are women.

Read more: worldwide fighting alien plants, saving water and protecting the environment in a sustainable job and business creation program. An international program started in 1995 in South Africa with five Government Departments, now participating and providing ready resources for your environmental alien plant resources and challenges.

Project providers:

  • Five interested Departments using the services. Page with paragraph on each Department.
  • Municipalities and farmers provide projects on tenders to these companies.

Service providers:

Three hundred and sixty (360) companies employing more than a 1000 people were so far created to fight Alien plant infestation of which we list 66 here.

The companies and workers are trained and equipped as an effective force to fight alien plants.

They are valuable resources for the Departments, farmers, mines, companies and Municipalities in the fight of alien plants.

The service providers completed many training courses:

  1. Equipment and poisons used.
  2. Safety and more
  3. Business training and project
  4. Ongoing training
  5. Support is provided by the Department of Environmental affairs through project leaders with Social facilitators.

Aimed for Outcomes:

  • More projects for companies
  • Credibility and safety of companies and their support
  • Make it known and findable.
  • Increased sustainability
  • Related business opportunities for the companies
  • Sustained momentum

REPORTS and surveys